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Fishing Information

Reviving Billfish

Last summer we had an unfortunate incident with a swordfish we brought to the boat.

Swordfishing Fort lauderdale Style

I was laying down on the bow of the boat gazing at the brilliant stars on this moonless night. All of the rods were set out, staggered by depths and distance away from the boat. As we all were enjoying ourselves on this night away from the anxieties of life, we listened to the clickers make there familiar tunes as the waves picked us up and put us back down. I prefer to keep to keep the drags loose, clickers on and then tighten up after the strike. All of the rods sounded alike going click,--- click,--- click... I got up from the bow and said, ?something don?t sound right?. One of the rods was going a bit faster, click, click, click. It was like a shark bite, steady and slow. I ran over to the rod and put the drag lever in the strike position and waited for the fishes turn. Within a few seconds the rod tip bent over, and I yelled ?We got one!? I cranked hard and fast and then the rod really doubled over but this fish still didn?t take any drag. I don?t think the fish knew there was a hook set in him. I tried to crank some more but the spool stood still with the rod bent over. Within a split second we got the reaction of a lifetime. The drag started slipping like we hooked on to a locomotive and would not stop. It seemed to go on forever as the line quickly disappeared off the Penn 80 TW, it looked like we were going to get spooled. We were fishing in about 1,400 feet of water and it looked like we had about that much line out. With less than half the line left the heated drag started slowing down. Now it was our turn. ?The bent butt rod stays in the rod holder? I said to the rod man, ?just crank the best you can and keep that rod tip bent at all times keeping consistent pressure on the fish?. We were able to get about 3 quarters of the spool back when our fish decided to make another locomotive run. This fish took what he wanted, when he wanted. We were in for a big battle. Paying close attention is crucial during this fight, because pressure has to be kept on this fish 100 % of the time. Three people are on this boat and we each got about 5 turns to crank this baby in as we could only last no more than 15 minutes each. Over three hours later then I stuck a large flying gaff into a Broadbill Swordfish estimated over 300 lbs. This is what world class Sword fishing is all about.

Pitchin For Large Mouth Bass

Well, we have talked about flippin and now we'll mention pitchin.

The Worlds Top Water Bass Fishing Champion And His Techniques

I was fishing a small lake in central California back in 1980, I think it was that year. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and doing ok, catching some 1-2 pound fish and in a far I was fishing a small lake in central California back in 1980, I think it was that year. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and doing ok, catching some 1-2 pound fish and in a far distance I could see this man walking up with a bright red jacket. The closer he got, the more I noticed his jacket and all the patches on it, one said 1978 World Top Water Bass Fishing Champion, along with about 20 other patches. We began to talk, of course, I wanted to know all about him and he began to tell me about how he became champion. Now, I do want to say one thing here, I forget what he told me and I don't even know for sure if there is such a tournament for the World Top Water Championship but I watched this guy fish.

Spinnerbait Tactics That Work

How many fish have you missed?

Fishing Topwater in Lily Pads

In 2004, I fished more lily pads than ever before? Why? Well, because I caught fish in them. I probably caught over 100 fish in the lily pads this year alone. Two were over 5 pounds and one over 6 pounds. So what did I do different this year?

Do You Make Your Kids Fishing Experience Enjoyable?

If you take your children fishing with you, they can enjoy something for the rest of their lives, as long as you make it pleasant for them.

Ice Fishing in the Wisconsin Winter

It's late December... temperatures are racing towards 0 degrees. Ice is covering most of the lakes in Wisconsin and getting thick on the lakes in the Northern half of the state.

Bass Fishing Tips

3 Lures You Must Have

Chumming and Plankton Fish Catching Tips

In night fishing 95% of success is determined before your line is wet. It is recommended to start an evening feeding frenzy along the food chain with your big game fish as the final predator.

Fishing Equipment Tips

Cheap Sinkers

How to Fish Spring Trout Streams

Fishing spring creeks isn?t easy. Don?t expect large quantities of catches, but do expect a challenging experience which has a certain mystique about it. Catching just a few trout, will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

How To Find Fish


Night Fishing Preparation

I have to admit this subject bores me to tears. Amazingly, the simple fact is that every time I interviewed a fisherman about night fishing tips he mentioned preparation at the top of the list.

Saltwater Fishing Tips

Get Rid Of Sharks

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